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4 min readNov 1, 2021

Millions of people from around the world use Notability to create incredible notes and organize their lives. We take SO MUCH pride in our vibrant users — students, creators, mathematicians, writers, designers, doodlers and beyond!

As our community continues to grow, so does our platform. We’re excited to announce the next generation of Notability is here! Today’s announcement brings a new pricing model and new features.

We’re going free!

Notability is officially a free app, available to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or Mac! The free version provides the same Notability experience you know and love with limits on editing and some features. We’re so excited to make Notability available to more creators, learners and teachers across the globe!

Want more? Try our annual subscription option

For those who use Notability regularly and would like to enjoy an unlimited note taking experience with premium content, we’re offering an annual subscription. In addition to unlimited note taking, subscribers will have access to advanced technology and fresh creative content such as planners, stickers, and more. Our subscription service will enable us to provide the highest quality experience for our users going forward and provide Notability for free to K-12 institutions. Our previous one-time paid upfront model made it difficult to continue to advance and innovate our app. Learn more about our price update here.

Current customers can continue to enjoy Notability

If you’ve purchased Notability prior to November 1rst, 2021, you will have lifetime access to all existing features and any content previously purchased in the app. This includes the core Notability experience that users know and love, including unlimited editing, iCloud sync, and any features or content that was previously purchased through the Notability Shop.

…Now it’s time to cue the drum roll, please.

In all 11 years of updates, 11.0 marks our biggest release yet! It introduces a brand new platform for note sharing called the Notability Gallery, and top requested features you’ll love.

Say hello to Notability 11.0

  • The Notability Gallery — For the first time ever, you can publish your Notability work to the world! The Gallery is a new platform accessible within Notability and on the web, where you can share your creativity, browse, and enjoy all types of content created by other Notability users. Whether you’re studying for an exam, beginning a new project, or looking for inspiration — you can search for notes on any topic and learn from a wide range of notetakers. And it’s easy to share and collaborate with the community — simply publish your notes from the share menu inside the app. Visit the Gallery to get inspired now.
Browse other notes, search topics/tags, save your favorites for later, and download notes from the Gallery!
  • Flexible Organization— Organizing your beautiful library of notes just got easier! You can now create dividers inside dividers and also create subjects with the same name.
  • Templates — A fresh new template menu allows you to instantly create notes from an array of hand crafted templates. Whether you’re managing your daily to-do’s, monthly finances, or creating new music — there is a template made for you!
Choose from an all new selection of templates, each customizable!
  • Page Manager — Our page manager got a big upgrade too; giving you more effortless control over your notes! Now you can apply bulk actions across multiple pages with a sleek, new expandable view. You can even copy and move pages from one note to another!

We look forward to continuing to grow Notability’s capabilities in ways that make it even more useful and inspiring to you. Our community of creators drives our feature development, so please reach out to us at support@gingerlabs.com with your requests as you take 11.0 for a spin, and check out our FAQs with any questions.



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