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2 min readOct 11, 2022

And a Bonus Year of Notability Plus — Notability x Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil

It’s easy to feel pulled in a million different directions by your obligations, tasks, and ideas. Sometimes, the most effective way to pull these concepts together is also the simplest — writing them down.

We’ve just launched a new collaboration with Logitech, dedicated to inspiring users to get the most out of their iPad experience! For a limited time, customers who purchase the Logitech Crayon, a digital pencil powered by Apple Pencil® Technology, from Logitech’s website can redeem a 1-year subscription of Notability, while supplies last (approximate value: $11.99 USD).

Here are a few ideas to get your productivity flowing, combining the powers of Notability and Logitech Crayon!

  1. Write notes by hand

When taking notes, the #1 goal is to record and retain the information within them. While typing can be faster, it will never compare in effectiveness to traditional written notes. Handwriting notes engages your mind in a unique way. It forces the brain to process the material slowly, leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Logitech Crayon is designed to feel as natural and comfortable as using a real pencil, with pixel-precise accuracy and imperceptible lag, making it an ideal choice for note-taking.

A handwritten chemistry review note created in Notability.

2. Sketch out graphic organizers

Big ideas fuel big changes, but we have to develop our ideas to harness their full potential. By sketching your own graphic organizers in Notability, you’re able to document every branch of a concept with unlimited creativity.

3. Create personalized and effective to-do lists

Want a to-do list that actually works? Write it down! Writing notes by hand helps you remember them, so the same logic applies to your to-do list. Mapping out your tasks within Notability keeps all of your lists in one place. Plus, what’s more satisfying than the feeling of physically checking something off your to-do list?

Who said to-do lists have to be boring? Check out this vacation list created with Logitech Crayon + Notability.

Don’t underestimate your potential to accomplish more, especially with Logitech Crayon in hand. What are your best productivity tips? Let us know in the comments!



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