Introducing the Notability Pencil

Our most requested feature yet!

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3 min readFeb 1, 2023

You requested, and we delivered.

This February, say hello to Notability’s newest tool — Pencil! The Pencil tool makes drawing in Notability feel just like your graphite Pencil (but better and with colors). The unique, vector-based ink creates the most lifelike digital pencil experience on the market.

See the Notability Pencil on Youtube.

Interested? Here are a few features that set Pencil apart:

Vector Based Ink

Unlike most virtual pencils, the Notability Pencil is vector-based. When using a vector-based tool, the lines you make are recorded as mathematical points, curves, and lines instead of pixels. This means that your pencil creations can be infinitely resized without any loss in quality!

Change Style and Color

Want to switch it up? The color, thickness, and style of anything you write with pencil can be changed after you write it! It’s never been so easy to change your mind.

Pressure Sensitivity

To create a lifelike pencil experience, the opacity of the Notability Pencil changes based on the amount of pressure you use. The harder you press, the darker your lines get! This tool is perfect for adding variety to charts, diagrams, and sketches.

Tilt-Activated Shading

We want Pencil to be your go-to multi-tool for both writing and drawing. That’s why, just like a real pencil, the thickness of your line changes based on the angle of your stylus. The more you tilt your stylus, the thicker the line is! This means that you can sketch and shade without ever switching tools or settings. Just tilt and go!

Empower your ideas and bring your creativity to life with the Notability Pencil. After all, every great idea starts with a sketch!

What will you create with Pencil?

Be sure to show us your creations by publishing them on the Notability Gallery.

Pencil is available to everyone for free, on all Notability plans (version 12.0 or later).

Download Notability for free and give the new Pencil a try! Let us know your thoughts 💙



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