Happy Earth Day…

Every Day!

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3 min readApr 22, 2023

Here at Notability we’re thankful to be able to celebrate Earth Day, every day! Every time you use Notability, instead of taking physical notes, you’re helping to keep the earth a little cleaner and greener. Thank you all for partnering with us to take responsibility for our wonderful planet by using Notability!

How Do YOU Celebrate Earth Day?

Every year, we collectively take a day to recognize and celebrate Earth. As joyous as this annual reminder is, it can also be challenging to see Earth Day creep up on your calendar. The issues that affect our planet often feel out of reach from anything we can do. After all, how can we truly celebrate the Earth?

Here at Notability, we like to focus on what we can do for our planet at the individual level. Little changes in our consumption and daily habits, which may not feel that important, can actually have a huge impact. When these practices are noticed by others, they inspire more people to adopt sustainable habits. Changes don’t have to be intimidatingly large; in fact small, manageable goals are key to creating consistent habits that won’t be abandoned once Earth Day ends. Check out some ideas on how you can help in the note below.

So, show off your well-loved reusable water bottle or your newest purchase from the thrift store! Tell us how you upcycled an item destined for the landfill and made it a new statement piece in your home. Share how you jazzed up all the leftovers in your fridge and prevented food waste while creating a delicious feast for your loved ones.

And if you’re interested in learning more scientific facts about our amazing planet, check out the note below and more in the Gallery!

Earth Day Giveaway

This year, one way we would like to celebrate Earth is by gifting 10 Notability Plus memberships to highlight how you can join us in reducing paper waste (visit @Notabilityapp on Instagram for more details and to enter). If you are new to Notability, this can be a great way to try out all that our app has to offer and make the switch from paper notebooks and planners. If you’re an existing user of Notability, thank you for partnering with us to keep our Earth a little greener!

The Notability Team Celebrates a Cleaner Planet!

This year, in the week leading up to Earth Day, Notability employees chose to celebrate our planet by cleaning up our neighborhoods. Collectively, our team covered ~24.5 miles (almost a trash marathon) and picked up more than 22 bags of trash. Join us in celebrating Earth Day this year by helping to clean your local community!



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